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Here you will find carefully curated wooden toys and educational resources that will inspire creativity and spark the imagination of your littlest loves. 

Our mission at Over The Wooden Rainbow is to provide children with an eco friendly alternative that engages their mind through play.

Avdar Toys Has Landed

We couldn’t be more excited to offer Avdar Toys as part of our range. Below is some insight on what drives this family oriented operation. 

Avdar Toys is a brand with similar ethics and values to our own. Their motivation for minimalistic toys comes from their belief that 1 great toy can replace 5 others. They believe in providing children with toys that are made by nature making them safe and non-toxic. 

“ We believe in open-ended play, where a child chooses the way to play his own toys. Open-ended and free play helps our kids to grow active and creative human being. “

Covid-19 and how we are responding

Here at Over The Wooden Rainbow we take the health and safety of everyone very seriously. For us that means putting safety measures in place to ensure the wellbeing of not only ourselves but our valued customers. Your orders are packed in a frequently disinfected environment and we practice frequent sanitisation/hand washing. 

Due to the virus we are experiencing some delays across shipping timeframes that are out of our control. Unfortunately there is not much we can do once we dispatch your order however we are keeping track of your orders and providing our help the best we can. We thank you for your outstanding patience and for supporting small businesses through these tough times. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us as we are eager to help. 

Do you have a Solar System loving little one?

The travelling in space set offers children a hands on approach to learning all about our solar system. 

We love that it can also be used in various small world play activities that engage children in their play and open a big wide world of imagination! 

Did someone say jingle bells???

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