Alpha Dots

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Elle Collective's AlphaDots provide a variety of tactile & fun ways for children to enhance their literacy skills. One single set includes 26 x 4cm disks made from beautiful, smooth & hard-wearing beech wood, sure to last for years to come whether they're used at home or in the classroom. Each disk is engraved in NSW/ACT Foundation Print with a capital letter on one face and it's matching lowercase letter on the other. Store your AlphaDots easily in the drawstring canvas bag provided.



When your child is learning the alphabet, sounds & spelling etc. it‘s so important to use resources that model the correct handwriting style to avoid confusion and/or incorrect letter formation. At this stage we are unable to offer AlphaDots & activities that model all of the styles, however, some fonts have very few/minor differences. You can refer to the final picture in this listing to see the differences in foundation fonts used across Australia’s education systems. SA is quite different, but in all other states, note the 4, b, w, x, p &/or v differences.

• Suitable for ages 3+