Avdar - Thin Flat Blocks

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Now we're blockin'! Our 6 and 12-piece sets of rainbow coloured House Blocks by Avdar will take your open-ended play to a new level. Sort or stack them on their own, or combine them with other materials to create a whole neighbourhood of colourful fun. When it comes to beautiful, engaging wooden play materials, these montessori-inspired Rainbow House Blocks by Avdar really stack up!
Choose from our two sets: 12 identically-sized house blocks for fun and flexible play, or 6 blocks of varying sizes for an open-ended invitation to think outside the block.
  • Wooden Tray size: 20 x 18cm (12 Piece Set), 14 x 14cm (6 Piece Set)
  • House Size: Approx 5cm (height)
  • Materials: Lime wood, water-based non-toxic paint

Please Note: This shipment is due end of October/November.