Emotion Cards for Kids

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The ability to identify emotions and find ways to express them is a skill children will carry with them for a lifetime. 

As parents, teachers and caregivers, we can hold a space for children that empowers them. Our cards aim to support children to expand their emotion vocabulary. A space to speak their truth, identify how they are feeling so that the feeling can be released, externalised and normalised as a part of the normal human experience. 

Our emotion cards for kids includes 15 cards, each with detailed illustration of a different emotion. Our cards include integral details of facial expressions such as they way our eyebrows raise when we are surprised or the lines that form between our eyes in times of frustration. These small but important details especially support children to identify emotions in others, as well as themselves. 

We have intentionally not included a label to state what each emotion is, to allow for deeper exploration and conversations and ultimately, a richer learning experience. 

Each card has rounded corners for durability and measures 9cm x 12cm. Cards are printed onto 350gsm, 100% recycled card using vegetable inks. Each set of cards come in a reusable calico drawstring bag.