Natural Tambourine

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Music is an art form in which we express our emotions through harmony, rhythm and melody. We think of ideas and use our senses to portray them in a spiritual way. Music calms our bodies, clears our minds and distracts us from the outside world.

Children need music in their everyday lives. It is proven to reduce stress levels, promote better sleep and communication. Music connects us all in some way or another and creates learning opportunities about different cultures. 

Playing a musical instrument on a regular basis can help bring down stress levels as well as create calming environments for children. Studies show that playing a musical instrument helps lower the heart rate and blood pressure which in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol. 

Benefits include- 

  • Sensory Development 
  • Helps build gross motor skills 
  • Helps boost cognitive skills
  • Builds fine motor development 
  • Promotes restful sleep and relaxation 
  • Creates bonding time with family and siblings 

Music helps the body and mind work cohesively. When children dance and move around to the music they create it also promotes muscle development, strength and balance.