Spring Trees

Spring Trees

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Nurture your child’s imagination through small world play with the gorgeous handmade Papoose Autumn trees. 

When given the opportunity children will flourish when using their creative mind and their own imagination.
They use their own life experiences incorporated into their play which allows for deeper exploration and understanding of the world around them. 

Small World Play allows children to experiment and play independently. This is an important part of play as it gives your child the opportunity to explore their ideas and thoughts which in turn leads to a deeper understanding of themselves. 

Small World Play allows children to develop problem solving skills, learn cause and effect and build language skills. 

Our Felt trees are the perfect aid in your child’s small world play resources. They are made by hand with the utmost quality which means they will last generations. 
They not only make amazing tools but are perfect as nursery or playroom decor. Your child will be engrossed in their imagination with these beautiful trees. 

Small 16cm H / Medium 21cm H / Large 26cm H